Process update

Members of the IRMC Board of Directors and Hospital District Board of Trustees will have a wide range of factors to consider in deciding which suitors should advance to the next stage in the search for a partner for Indian River Medical Center.

The two boards will attend a presentation on November 17 at which Juniper Advisory, the strategic financial advisor retained by the IRMC Board of Directors, will provide information to the boards that each board will use in reviewing and evaluating the suitors and their proposals.

Juniper will use the strategic objectives (see below) approved respectively by the IRMC Board and the Hospital District Board of Trustees as the basis for their presentation on Nov. 17. After the presentation to review the suitors and their proposals, each board will convene independently to select finalists.

Each board will review how the various facets of the suitors’ proposals meet the following strategic objectives:

  • Promote an IRMC organizational culture that embraces accountability, excellence and a patient-first focus
  • Maintain and enhance the long-term financial viability of IRMC
  • Continue to strengthen the clinical quality of IRMC’s services and programs
  • Enhance IRMC’s ability to recruit and retain high quality physicians
  • Implement an efficient and effective governance structure that best insures achievement of the corporate charter and mission
  • Position IRMC as an employer of choice for staff and clinical partner of choice for the entire medical community
  • Strengthen IRMC’s capacity to make needed investments in technology, facilities, programs and people
  • Broaden and deepen community support and engagement with IRMC’s mission
  • Enhance IRMC’s market position
  • Strengthen IRMC’s population health capabilities
  • Maintain and expand access to needed service lines of care for all residents of Indian River County

After the finalists are selected, the process will enter the next phase, in which the two boards will learn more about the finalists in preparation for selecting a preferred partner with which to negotiate an agreement.