Cap used during chemotherapy at Scully-Welsh Cancer Center helps reduce hair loss

VERO BEACH — Losing her hair was one of the side effects Stuart resident Mimi O’Leary dreaded as she prepared to start chemotherapy for breast cancer.

She had just been diagnosed with estrogen positive breast cancer, and doctors recommended a mastectomy and radiation, followed by 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

“Before I was diagnosed, I never understood about losing your hair when undergoing treatment,” O’Leary said. “I said, ‘What’s the big deal; it’s only hair, who cares?’ But it turns out that it is a big deal because I have three teenagers and I didn’t want to look sick.”

O’Leary’s physician, Dr. Stephen Patterson, mentioned a new procedure available at the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center in Vero Beach called the DigniCap Cooling System, designed to help patients undergoing chemotherapy save some of their hair…\

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